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Right to Manage Costs and Info

How much does it cost?

The costs involved for each participating leaseholder is dependent upon numerous factors, including the size of the building, number of intermediate landlords and the number of participating leaseholders in total. Clearly, the more leaseholders that participate the less the cost will be for each participant. In addition to the legal costs, the leaseholders may have to pay certain disbursements, including the costs of an accountant, surveyor and counsel, should a barrister's opinion be required on any technical issue.

If we are instructed, we obtain all the relevant details from you to enable us to be in a position to provide a costs quotation. However, any quotation provided would be based on the assumption that no dispute would arise to the exercise of the Right to Manage and the matter would not have to be referred to the Land Valuation Tribunal (LVT) for determination. We are more than happy to inform you of the costs incurred at each stage of the process.

Do we need to pay the landlord's fees?

You would be liable to pay the 'reasonable' costs the landlord incurs in having to comply with the steps laid down by the legislation. Should the costs be deemed unreasonable they would be challenged.

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