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Right To Manage FAQs

Am I eligible for RTM?

WPP will ensure that the management of your leasehold property or residential block is efficiently re-allocated, proving the following criteria apply to your situation. That at least 50% of the lessees of the property are in agreement with pursuing the RTM. The building must be self-contained and made up of two or more flats, and that no more than 25% of space is assigned for commercial use. At least two-thirds of the flats must currently be let on leases of 21 years or more.

How long will the process take?

This is defined in the legislation. A Claim Notice cannot be served until 14 days following the invitation for lessees to sign up to the scheme. Following the date on which this is served, the landlord has one month to serve a counter-notice. The earliest date on which the Right to Manage can be attained is three months following the date given in the Claim Notice for serving a counter-notice. Typically, the earliest timeframe within which the Right to Manage can be attained is four months following the date the Claim Notice is given.

Who will Pay The Freeholder’s Costs in attaining The Right To Manage?

You as the leaseholder will be responsible for the “reasonable costs” of the freeholder when applying for Right to Manage. Frequently, these costs are negligible and are often not requested. Contact WPP for further advice regarding the incurring of freeholder’s costs.

What if I have a mortgage?

This will not affect achieving success in the RTM process.

Do I need to ask my mortgage lender's permission?

Perhaps. We can advise you on this.

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