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Right To Manage Process

The Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 defines the detailed steps that need to be completed in order to attain the Right to Manage.

Firstly, you will need to ensure that the following criteria apply -

That at least 50% of the lessees of the property or residential block are in agreement with pursuing Right to Manage.

The building must be self-contained and made up of two or more flats, and that no more than 25% of space is assigned for commercial use.

At least two-thirds of the flats in the residential block must currently be let on leases of 21 years or more.

In matching the criteria, WPP will through the interaction of independent solicitors, help set up what is described as an RTM company, a way to collectively define you and your co-applicant lessees according to the definitions set out in the legislation.

The next step is that the Right To Manage company serves notices on those eligible lessees who have not yet chosen to participate, giving them information on their full rights to become active members of the Right to Manage company.

Claims Notices will then be served upon the landlord. Included in this notice is a date by which the landlord can respond with a counter-notice.

The landlord then has the option to serve a counter-notice. In this notice, they will need to make an objection to the right of the newly set up RTM company in proposing to take over the management of the leasehold property or residential block. In doing so, they will need to clearly assert justifying grounds for which the objection is made. If a counter notice is served.

Once the Right To Manage has been acquired, WPP will guide the new RTM company in obtaining all information needed to manage the property effectively.

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