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Maintenance Management

WPP provide an expert service in ensuring that all considerations regarding the maintenance of your property have been executed as efficiently, correctly and cost-effectively as possible.

Certain maintenance duties will need to be repeated over time. We can set up bespoke schedules and arrangements with contractors to ensure such undertakings are carried out with expert timeliness, including window cleaning, tree and foliage maintenance, repeat painting tasks, roofing maintenance, lift maintenance and cyclical Health and Safety assessments.

Repair tasks are arranged and managed with immediacy, including drain and guttering work, door entry systems, fire alarm controls and electrical repairs and improvements.

We ensure all work is carried out to accredited and nationally recognised standards, including window replacements and repairs that meet British Standards as well as to agreed configurations to ensure uniformity is maintained for aesthetic purposes. We will also ensure that all contractors conform to Health and Safety regulations.

WPP prides itself on attention to detail in managing the maintenance of your leasehold property whether it be a residential block, an estate or a property conversion. Within our remit we also inspect sites to ensure contractors continue to deliver to the highest standards.

Contact us today or ring 029 2023 5151 to find out how we can enhance the effectiveness of your management scheme.