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Schedule Related Service Charges

Service charges are applied to reimburse a landlord for services carried out for the benefit of leaseholders, the cost of which is shared, frequently at differing percentages as determined by the terms of the leases. The services will often consist of a complex list, including the maintenance of the building’s common structure, facilities within such as lifts and fire alarm systems, gardens, parking facilities, entrance gates and other communal areas.

As the levels of service charge required for a management scheme can be difficult and overwhelming to both govern and budget, WPP offer a service that schedules and manages the effective collection of service charges, reserve funds and ground rents. Contact WPP today for more information on how we can create and maintain a management schedule for your property with immediate effect as well as prudent cash flow forecasts for the future.

To find out more information on Schedule Related Service Charges, or any other services provided by WPP, Contact us today or ring 029 2023 5151 to find out how we can help you.